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Insect Data Labels - MS Excel for Windows

Data labels are used for pinned insects. This Excel file is a conveniently pre-formatted template for printing a full page of insect data labels on standard letter-size paper (24 lb. stock or higher recommended). Each label has a border so that you can easily cut them out of the page. The font used is very small: 7 point; about as small as you can get and still be legible (Laser printer recommended).

There are two tabs in the Excel workbook: one tab is for 161 three-line labels and other tab is for 108 four-line labels. One label with sample data will be included in each tab. Simply enter your own data in each cell and then copy and paste the cell groups to make as many of each label as you need - or clear all cell contents to print blank labels. Cells are pre-formatted for optimum results. You can, of course, customize the cells with your own fonts, etc. However, if you increase the font size much higher than 7 pts. or if you change the page setup variables you may get unpredictable results on the printed page.

Sample input, four-line labels:
Excel screen shot

Sample ouput, four-line labels:
Excel screen shot


Autofill Enhancement, 7-21-03:
Two new worksheets have been added: '3 line-full sheet' and '4 line-full sheet'. If you would like to print a full page of the same label without having to copy and paste for each label, use the 'full sheet' tabs. All you have to do is enter the data one time in each cell of the anchor label in the upper left (highlighted in yellow) and the rest of the labels will fill in automatically! (Thank you to Bedros Orchanian.)

Sample input, three-line labels with autofill function:
Excel screen shot

Requirements: Microsoft Excel for Windows, ver. 2000 or higher

Right-click here to download insectdatalabels.xls

Then select 'Save Target As' (IE) or 'Save link as' (Netscape) in the dialog box that appears.






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