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Entomological Equipment

To do entomology properly, it is essential to use quality equipment designed for insect collections.

InsectNet has selected for you the products of the Canadian supplier "Moth and Beetle" which supplies collectors all over the world with excellent material.

Click on the products you want to see the equipment they have available.  

All this quality material comes from our recommended supplier "Moth and Beetle".


Review of Moth & Beetle entomological equipment :

One word from Olivier, InsectNet owner, about Moth and Beetle material :

"Since the unexpected closure of Bioquip Equipment, many collectors, including myself, have found themselves looking for a serious supplier of entomological equipment. After testing and contacting different alternatives, I recommend Moth & Beetle products. Andrew who runs this company does a great job and has lots of projects in the works. The entire insect collecting community is relieved to find a new supplier that delivers worldwide."

Few words from Moth & Beetle about their entomological equipment.

As much as possible, we source our products directly from the manufacturers. In some cases (eg. our build-a-handles), we have items custom-made to our specifications. We are working towards sourcing and supplying more products in this way. Our suppliers are predominantly from EU countries and the USA. We are looking at other sources, but have yet to match the quality of the products we have already sourced from these countries.

We do test our products, looking for reliability, cost-effectiveness and comfort. Pinning insects is a precise process, so the shape and heft of tools, and the ease of use of the type of pin and board are important. For example, when testing preparation pins, we rejected the majority of pins that we tested as they did not slip easily into the spreading boards. At this time, all of our insect pins are made in the EU, namely the Czech Republic and Poland. These have been well-known for many years as the best pins.

Our spreading boards come in a number of types, both Plastazote and various soft woods (balsa, lime/basswood). The wood boards can be fixed or adjustable. Our suppliers are all in the EU, as we have not found any better boards for a cost-effective price anywhere else. We look for things like ease of opening and closing, sturdy bases, etc.

Our insect net rings are collapsible without the net bag being on the ring. The net handles come in various types with the most durable being our build-a-handle. However, all nets and handles have been tested by whacking inanimate objects such as rugs with great enthusiasm. The handles and rings were undaunted by the abuse.

We are continually working to add new products to our site, recognizing that some items were almost exclusive to BioQuip, so finding new sources and creating custom made items can be a lengthy process.