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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Programs, Usernames and Passwords

Q: How do I become a member of InsectNet.com?
A: There is no 'membership' required for InsectNet.com as a whole. This is a free site supported by our advertisers and user contributions from the 'Tip Jar'. But you will need to register and get passwords for the Insect Classifieds and the Forum sections if you want to participate in these areas. Each program has a separate registration system. All of these programs are free services. Top

Q: I want to sell my insects. Does InsectNet.com buy insects?
A: InsectNet.com does not buy or sell specimens at this time. Rather, we offer a venue for insect traders to contact each other worldwide. InsectNet.com is one of the most popular English-language insect trading portals on the Web.

To increase your insect-related business and make contacts, you are welcome to post free ads in our Insect Classifieds section:
Insect Classifieds

Also, we would welcome your participation in the InsectNet.com Forum, a discussion board for insect collectors and traders:
The InsectNet.com Forum
Registration is by invitation only. Please contact the webmaster to apply.

For paid advertising, such as banners and listings, see this page for rates:


Q: How do I spread butterflies and mount insects?
A: There are many places on InsectNet.com that cover this subject. Try looking in the Link Library under 'Collecting & Preserving Techniques'. Also, check the InsectNet.com Forum. There are many discussions in the Forum on this subject. Use the Forum Search function to find them. We also have a few videos on this subject. They can be found in the Instructional Videos section. Remember that there are many techniques and each collector has their own favorite methods. You will have to do your homework to see which methods suit you best. Top

Q: I need to identify an insect. How do I get help on this?
A: We have a special section in the InsectNet.com Forum named Bug Identification for help on identification. There are many experts there that can help you with the ID. Post a message there. You will get the best results if you have a clear, close up picture of the insect you want to identify. Make sure to say when and where the bug was found. You must have a Forum account to post messages or reply to messages. Top

Q: I have a bug pest problem in my house. How do I get rid of them?
A: We'd like to help but this kind of question is best directed towards professional insect exterminators. I have found a great web site just for this purpose. It is called 'Living With Bugs - Least-toxic Solutions to Everyday Bug Problems'. This free site will help you indentify the offending beasts and offer solutions to get rid of them in a safe manner. Such as, safe elimination of wasp nests, etc. Please go to: http://www.livingwithbugs.com. Top

Q: How do I know if a seller in the Insect Classifieds is trustworthy?
A: Good question. As with all classifieds in the newspaper or the Internet (and auctions too), there are risks involved if you send money or merchandise in advance to persons you do not know, especially if they are not local. I am doing my very best as adminstrator of this site to screen out suspicious ads in the Classified. Also, we have a special forum section called 'Insect Trading Reports' were users submit reviews of traders on this site and discuss issues of fraud. You should read this thoroughly so you will understand how to proceed judicioulsy in the Insect Classifieds. The Insect Trading Reports is available to Forum members only and cannot be viewed by the public. You will need to have a Forum account. Contact the webmaster to apply for an account. Tip: SEARCH HERE on the name, e-mail, or web site of a trader to see if they have any reviews on this site.Top

Q: I placed an ad to sell some specimens in the Insect Classifieds but it never appeared. Why?
A: First, remember that all ads in the Insect Classifieds must be approved by the administrator before they will appear, as is stated in the ad confirmation e-mail that you received. I as administrator do my best to check the submitted ads as frequently as I can, but there will be gaps while I am away from my computer or busy at my day job. There will be longer gaps if I am away on a field trip, typically on weekends in spring and summer. So, please be patient for your ad to appear. If your ad does not appear within 24 hours it is likely that your ad does not follow the Insect Classifieds Guidelines or InsectNet.com Policy and it was deleted. Top

Q: Do I need a permit to ship live insects, live cocoons, or live insect ova across state lines in the USA?
A:You will need a permit for each species that you want to import into your state. If you export to another state, it is the primarily the receiver's responsibility to have the permits. These kind of permits are controlled by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). The USDA is especially concerned about interstate shipment of agricultural pests or live insects that are harmful in other ways (such as fire ants, killer bees, mosquitos, etc.). They also regulate the interstate shipment of live butterflies for ceremonial release (for weddings, etc.) And, technically, even the domestic moths and butterflies that you rear at home as a hobby come under these regulations - if you intend to export or import that livestock across state lines. The permitting process is a bit confusing but if you intend to do interstate shipping of live insects you should investigate getting the proper permits. For more information go to our USDA page. You should also know that it is illegal to ship any live insect (in any form) or live millipedes across state lines if that species is not native to the USA. No permits are granted for this, so don't even try. Fines for violations are steep. Top

Q: Do I need a permit to import dead insect specimens into the USA from other countries?
A: Yes. You will also need the permit to export out of the USA. This kind of permit is issued by the United State Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). For more information go to our USFWS page. Top

Q: How do I set up a link exchange with InsectNet.com and my web site?
A: InsectNet.com does not do link exchanges in the traditional sense. You are welcome, however, to place a link for InsectNet.com on your web site. But if you want me to place your link on the InsectNet Links page for free, there are two conditions: 1) your web site must be non-profit and 2) it must be of interest to insect collectors. To submit your link for a free listing go to the 'Contact' form in the main menu at the top. If your web site is for-profit you can get it listed in our Suppliers and Traders Directory for $24.00 per year. Please go to the Advertising page for details. The reason I do not put up free links of for-profit web sites is that I need to make some money to cover the costs of running InsectNet.com, since this site is all free and does not sell any other 'products' except advertising. Thank you for your understanding. Top

Q: Can I place a free announcement on InsectNet.com about an event I am sponsoring?
A: Absolutely YES! - if your event is of interest to insect collectors. InsectNet.com is very announcement-friendly. There are two ways to do this: 1) Go to the Insect Classifieds and post information on your event in the 'Annoucements' category. A free service. 2) Go to the InsectNet.com Forum and post your announcement in the 'Announcements' section. Also a free service. My suggestion is to post in both places, well in advance of your event date. Also, conact me about a free link to your announcement on the home page of InsectNet.com. I am especially interested in promoting insect trade shows and I will bend over backward to help you on this. Top

Q: I lost my password.
A: There are two areas of InsectNet.com where passwords are used: The Forum, and the Insect Classifieds. Each application uses a different password system. This is because I have put this site together using the best software applications I could find for two different specialized purposes. Unfortunately, they do not share a common user registration database.

Retrieving InsectNet.com Forum passwords:
Click on the 'Forgot your password?' link in the Forum login screen. You will need to submit the e-mail you used to register with.

Retrieving your Insect Classifieds username and/or password:
Click on 'My Profile' in the Insect Classifieds menu. In the Logon form that appears, click the 'Forgot Password' or 'Forgot Username' link. Then follow the instructions to retrieve your information by e-mail. Top

Q: My Forum password doesn't seem to work for the Insect Classifieds and visa versa.
A: The Forum and the Insect Classifieds use separate databases. Thus you must register separately for an account in each program you wish to participate in. Your username/password combination in one program will not necessarily work in another program - unless you registered with identical information. So, if your password doesn't work in a program it means you either entered it incorrectly or you are not actually registered in that program and the program doesn't recognize you. Please register in each program you want to use. Keep in mind that your username in a program cannot be changed once you register (but passwords CAN be changed later). Top

Q: How do I change my Forum
A: This is not possible. Sorry. Top

Q: How do I get a user account for The Insect Classifieds?
A: Click on 'My Profile' in the Insect Classifieds menu bar. In the Logon screen that appears you will see a link that reads 'New Users: Please Register For An Account'. Click on this link and follow the instructions therein. Top

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