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Make contacts around the world! The Suppliers & Traders Directory is like an international Yellow Pages. It gives you a permanent presence on the Internet for minimal cost. List the name of your enterprise, a description of up to 60 words, and a hyperlink to your URL and/or e-mail. Suppliers are listed in alphabetical order. If you are a private insect collector or trader and you don't have a web site, that's OK - you can still put up a listing describing your interests and specialties, along with your contact information.

Current Suppliers Listing Rates:
Cost: 59.00 for 12 months. Secured payment via Paypal available

To place an order, write us to : contact.insectnet@gmail.com

Rules: We are trying to make this list in proper alphabetical order as much as possible. Only one listing per domain is allowed in the Suppliers & Traders Directory. Your listing Title must match your official business name on your web site or match your domain name. Descriptive adjectives placed ahead of your business name in order to place your listing higher in the alphabet are disallowed. For example, using 'A1' ahead of your title is disallowed if this is not a part of the name by which you can receive a payment for your goods or services.



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