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Live Insect Suppliers & Traders Directory
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Kingdom of Beetle Taiwan
Over 800 species of live beetles and insects: Dynastidae, Cetonidae, Lucanidae, Cerambycidae, Euchiridae, roaches, moths and more. Many live beetles, larva, dried insects from Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, South America. and around the world. We are a team and work to breed beetles and collect insects in Taiwan. We also supply the best breeding materials to the market around the world. Located in Taipei, Taiwan.
E-mail :thegame.andy@msa.hinet.net


Titan Monster Beetle Shop
Worldwide supplier offering live adult beetles, larva, and dried. Including a large variety of Lucanidae, Cetoniidae, Cerambycidae, Dynastidae, Euchiridae and more. Over 20 years of beetle breeding experience. Paypal payment accepted. Please visit our website for pictures, pricelists and more.
E-mail : shop@insectweb.org. Located in Taipei, Taiwan.


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