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Experimental Videos
High Speed connection recommended.


Click to play this movie 'Are You Going With me?'
My tribute to the brilliant contemporary musicians Path Metheny and Lyle Mays. The footage you see is of my drive from Los Angeles to Whitney Portal in the Sierras in the summer of 2007. You will see Mt. Whitney toward the end of the video. It is the highest peak in the 48 states. My thanks to Bill Gendron who patiently took me where I wanted to go and piloted our vehicle with skill so I could get my video.

This is the first streaming video I have encoded to its original size out of the camera. So it is rather high bandwidth and may not play smoothly unless you have a high speed connection and a fast CPU. The trick is to encode to the best quality possible with the lowest bandwidth possible.

Camera: Sony DCR-HC96 (DV in wide mode)
Edited with Vegas Movie Studio 8
Encoded with Flash 8 Professional. On2 VP6 codec. 400 kbs.

Thank you for watching,
- Clark Thompson 1/28/2008







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